Five Spotify Alternatives

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  • I landed here looking for a way to get a Spotify like interface but for sharing my home media collection. I’ve got lots of songs on my home PC I wanted to listen to at work, however the work PC is too slow for flash based solutions like Grooveshark. Do you have any suggestions for me? I’m just trying ‘Orb’ now, but I have a feeling it is flash based too.

    • Anonymous

      Most of the music services you are looking have a web-based player. However, you could try Winamp Remote. This lets you use Orb in Winamp, so you don’t have to use the web-based Orb MyCast. I hope this solution works for you.

      • That sounds like it would be perfect, however I wasn’t able to get Orb to install (said it lost internet connection then crashed out). I’ve written a very lightweight flash MP3 player and a basic file indexer for my MP3’s just for now though, which I’ll trial tomorrow!

        But in the meantime, others may want to check out Looks incredibly promising if not probably too heavyweight for my 10 year old work laptop!

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  • Peter

    Best Spotify alternative:

  • Spotify Platform
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