MoG Weekend Project: Paper Timelapse

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  • Tim Weninger

    This is really great!

    • momentofgeekiness

      Thanks! It was your video that inspired me to make this. πŸ™‚

  • chiarnia

    I’ll try to do it as well, when my thesis will be actually done. i’m totally not a geek: can I do it with a mac? not sure what “unix-based operating system” means. I think OSx is unix-based, isn’t it?
    second question: what do you mean with: “The runtime depends on the number of versions (…) of your paper”?
    few lines above you said: “…it will create all the intermediate versions of the paper”.
    are the intermediate versions created by some sort of program? how is it possible? how can I know how many they are?
    supersorry for the superstupid questions!

  • chiarnia

    Ok sorry twice again. I guess I need a Git version-controlled of my thesis, which I do not have. (what’s that??) πŸ™‚
    I only have my normale latex files…nevermid!

    • momentofgeekiness

      Git is version control system that keeps track of changes in plain text files, such as source code and latex files, and allows for multiple people to work on the same files. See also

      Every time I wrote a large piece of text for my thesis or after I implemented comments from my supervisor, I commited my changes to git and thereby created an intermediary version of my thesis. When I finished my thesis, I was able to retrieve all these intermediary versions of my thesis from git.

      So as you might already understand, git or another version control system (like subversion, mercurial, cvs) are quite a hard dependency if you want to make a movie of your thesis.

      Anyway, I hope you will get good grade for your thesis and maybe you can make a movie of your next paper. πŸ˜‰

      • chiarnia

        Many thanks. I’ll definitely learn it. No way to have a time lapse of a thesis using several intermediate pdfs…?

  • Filip

    Hi, thanks for your work. I have made my own script which resulted in this:
    I have used your last line in the code (ffmpeg) to generate a movie from a series of PNGs.

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