Star Wars: The Musical

Now that Disney acquired the Star Wars franchise we can expect a lot more songs in the next Star Wars movie. Youtube user gsmaestro gives a little preview of this in Star Wars A New Hope: The Musical.

Star Wars Musical (Disney Parody) – GeorgeShawMusic

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Speedrun of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

Speedrun: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (Ep #3)

Skywalker. Vader. Lots of futuristic rooms. The droids they were in fact looking for. All as if George Lucas were on meth.



An Unexpected Briefing

Air New Zealand partnered with WETA Workshop on a brand new Hobbit inspired Safety Video.

An Unexpected Briefing #airnzhobbit

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Old School vs. New School

The latest video of YouTube user freddiew shows what happens when old school games go face to face with new school characters.

Old School vs. New School

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Google’s New Privacy Policy [Comic]

Google. Can’t live with’em, can’t look up songs you don’t know the title or artist of without’em.


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Prime vs. Prime

Who is the best Prime? The G1 original Optimus or the new Optimus. Make your choice!

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A Short History of the Modern Calendar

Why do we celebrate the beginning of the year January 1st? YouTube user jeremiahjw explains it in the video below.

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Geek PSA: Geeks are today’s bullies

In a world where geeks have become the majority, we need to remember not to laugh at those that don’t know the difference between Isengard and Azeroth.

Not everyone can hit level 85, so bite your tongue!

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New vs. old media


Today Doghouse Diaries published this truth-based cartoon. You see more and more that Twitter is faster with news than the old media like TV and newspapers. Take the news about Osama Bin Laden for example, this was published on Twitter one hour before President Obama confirmed it. This guy was even tweeting unknowingly about the raid on Osama’s villa.

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