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This Video Will Make You Angry

C.G.P. Grey explains how “thought germs” spread on the Internet and why certain ones spread faster and with greater depth than others. [via cgpgrey]

3 Ways Games Are Good For You

Cam from GameSpot scours the latest scientific research for positive news stories about playing video games, and comes back with three fascinating results for us. [via gamespot]

Doctor Who Parody [Music Video]

The Hillywood Show released a Doctor Who parody based on the song Time Warp. It’s the DOCTOR WHO musical parody you’ve been waiting for! Join The Tenth Doctor, an alien Time Lord who travels...

Live Video Feed from ISS

This is a live video feed from the International Space Station. Watch long enough and you can see a sunrise or sunset every 45 minutes. The High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) experiment aboard the...

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