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10 Things You Must Know About Star Wars

Excitement for Star Wars: the Force Awakens is tangible, so why not whet your appetite here and indulge in these top 10 facts about the global phenomenon that is Star Wars. [via alltime10]

21 Fandom Facts

In this weeks MentalFloss, Mike takes a look at some of your favorite fandoms! [via metalfloss]

100 Amazing Facts

John Green has 100 facts for you in this weeks Mental Floss. [via mentalfloss]

Why The World Is Awesome in 60 Facts

Why The World Is Awesome in 60 Facts

Veritasium, Ze Frank, Vsauce2, Wheezy Waiter, SixtySymbols, Periodic videos, Sorted Food, Head Squeeze and Earth Unplugged crew give you 60 epic facts that show why the world is awesome. [Via YouTube]

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