Are any Animals Truly Monogamous?

Total monogamy is pretty rare, unless you’re a flatworm living off fish blood.

Are any Animals Truly Monogamous?

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Angry Birds (2011) [(Un)Official Movie Trailer]

Jason and Tommy are tasked with delivering the Queen Mum’s famed Fabergé egg collection to a museum in Philadelphia. Only when they get to America, they find the eggs are gone. A team of highly-trained femme fatale art thieves have stolen the case the eggs were transported in, only to discover another team of swine-masked bandits has made off with the actual prize.

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Angry Birds the Musical

Random Encounters made another game related musical song. This time the Angry Birds are singing a song about egg-stealing pigs.

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Mario Takes Out Angry Birds (Godfather Parody)

Fed up with app games like Angry Birds, Mario and gang (Master Chief, Sonic, Solid Snake, and Megaman) decide it’s time to take matters into their own hands…

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Life-size angry birds

For the first time ever, watch how people use a simple smartphone to play a life-size version of the cult Angry Birds game. Complete with real shooting birds and exploding pigs!



Angry Birds: The Movie

Angry Birds: The Movie (Trailer)

Now is this just a parody, but 2oth Century Fox and Rovio (Angry Bird Company) are making an actual Angry Birds Movie