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What are Blood Types?

Quick Questions explains why, when it comes right down to it, there are really only eight kinds of people in the world. [via scishow]

The Great Language Game

The Great Language Game

Data Scientist Lars Yencken turned audio samples of eighty different languages into a game that challenges players to identify languages by listening to the language being spoken. I scored 750 points, How many can...

Danger: Humans

A message from the Interstellar Safety Council. [via neatorama]

Error404 : File Not Found

This movie is based on over than 200 videos stored on the web by current users (mostly from Youtube and Vimeo). A computer displays a day in the life of the common man in...

Social Media Experiment

Prankster Jack Vale used the power of social media to freak people out by making them think he knew personal information about them. [via JackValeFilms]

The Matrix In Real Life

Improv Everywhere sent Neo from the Matrix into Macy’s in New York City to shop for a new “man dress.” As Neo talked to a confused sales associate in the mens suits department, over...

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