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Automata [Trailer]

Autómata is an upcoming Sci-fi thriller film directed by Gabe Ibáñez. This sci-fi movie follows Antonio Banderas and an android designed to bring support to society’s plight, man and robot reveal what it means...

Connect Four Robot

MIT student Patrick Mccabe made a robot that can play Connect Four. If you want to build one yourself, you can find more information on his website. [via the world’s best ever]

Robot Plays Table Tennis

Industrial mechanic Ulf Hoffmann built a robot arm called UHTTR-1, which plays table tennis with the aid of two cameras. You can read more on Hoffmann’s blog. [via gizmodo]

Robot Holiday Wishes

Robot Holiday Wishes

The Autonomous Christmas Lab at ETH Zurich made a holiday video message, which shows a ballbot, quadrocopter and quadruped robot transporting a present. [Via laughinsquid]

How to Survive a Robopocalypse

How to Survive a Robopocalypse

Forget the zombie apocalypse–the real threat is an imminent Robopocalypse, a robot uprising! We at Epipheo care about your survival. That’s why we interviewed Daniel H. Wilson to find out exactly how to survive...

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